Why identify pipelines?

Pipelines are the most important mean for transportation for fluids, gases, steam, and air in all kind of buildings, ships, industrial plants, off-shore platforms etc. It is however impossible to find out what a pipeline contains and in what direction the content flows by just looking at it.

The more complex a piping installation is, the more need to identify the pipelines in a quick and easy way.

What is Flo-Code?

The FLO-CODE pipeline identification system, which in addition to a color code and flow-direction arrow, gives you detailed information about the lines content, function, and/or other relevant information. The use of descriptive and easily readable texts, makes it possible for any person who may not be familiar with the piping system, to become quickly orientated

Our system is based on the following principles:

  1. For distant recognition: A colour code in accordance with international/ national/local or Company” Process, Heating, Cooling, Firefighting, Drain etc.
  2. For closer identification: The content printed in clear language within the flow arrow, for example FUEL OIL, COMPRESSED AIR, COOLING WATER etc.
  3. For confirmation: Additional information unique to the pipeline you are looking at, identifying the pipeline. For example: Line number, service, source, destination

Points 1 and 2 cover the safety aspect of our system, while point 3 aims at making life easier for the operators. It is however the choice of our customers which information to include in the markings.
For application of this system to the pipes, several methods are used – normally tape in protected areas and signs in exposed areas.
What is the best method, depends on several factors – such as environment, UV-radiation, humidity,
the pipes surface-temperature, cleaning-frequency etc.
Contact us for a marking proposal – we put many years of experience at your disposal!