Laminated PVC-signs

Tape-marks are undoubtedly the simplest and most economical method of pipeline identification.
The installation of tape-marks does however require good environmental conditions, such as warm weather, low humidity and a clean, smooth pipe surface. Since we rarely find such ideal conditions, especially on ships (outside engine room) and off-shore installations, we recommend that laminated PVC-signs are used instead of tape marks on pipelines in weather- exposed areas.

We call these signs FLO-CODE LAMINATED PVC-SIGNS for use in exposed areas.
We make these signs by printing the colors, text and arrow onto a weather-resistant base-plate and thereafter laminated with a layer of highly UV-resistant polyester.

The signs meet the bending tests specified by NORSOK L-CR-004.

Following sizes (color fields) are standard:

Type 001 –   3 x 10 cm.    – pipe size OD   15 – OD   75 (0,5″ – 3″)
Type 101 – 10 x 15,5 cm. – pipe size OD   80 – OD 200 (4″- 8″)
Type 201 – 17 x 30,5 cm. – pipe size OD 250 – OD 400 (10″- 16″)
Type 301 – 26 x 44 cm.    – pipe size OD 450 – OD 750 (18″and up)

The signs are fastened to the pipelines by means of polypropylene straps and PVC locks, but for sign type 001 which is mounted on a stainless steel bracket and fastened by a self-locking strap.
Since the text, color and arrow are laminated into the weatherproof sign, the direction of the arrow must be known prior to production to avoid the text appearing upside down. To satisfy customers who find it too cumbersome to establish such directions, we can also deliver doublesided signs, where the arrow points to the left when the sign is seen from one side, and to the right when seen from the other side.