Flo-Code Tapemarks

The unique FLO-CODE pipeline identification system meets the requirements of most international, national and “Company” standards.
The system consists if two components:

  1. The tape – a high quality, UV-resistant polyethylene film of 16 cm width with a permanent pressure-sensitive adhesive protected by a silicone backing paper. The UV-resistant color is printed on the film with transparent arrows for direction of flow at regular intervals.
  2. The text strips – strong PVC-labels on which are printed descriptive wording. The labels are placed behind the transparent arrows of the tape before it is wrapped around the pipes

The FLO-CODE pipeline identification system gives you the following immediate information:

  1. The basic color (tape color) identifies the classification of the pipe content. (oil, water, air etc.)
  2. The arrow points the direction of flow
  3. The text describes the flowing fluid, its function and/or source/destination and/or any other  information considered necessary (for example pressure or temperature.)