Company history

The FLO-CODE pipeline identification system (a.k.a. Flowcoding), which integrates color code, description of content/function and flow direction into one mark, was invented by a Norwegian engineer who, in 1963, sold the registered design, tradename and worldwide marketing rights to our Company. The first decades thereafter, we were mainly involved in pipeline identification onboard ships and complex on-shore piping installations (process-industry, hospitals, hotels and larger office buildings) while we over the last 40 years have become increasingly involved in the oil- and gas industry.

On-shore building industry:

We are heavily involved in the on-shore building industry where we are complete supplier of identification marks for pipelines, ducts, valves and equipment including safety signs for fire-fighting and escape routes. In addition, we have developed digital manual valve guides, which more or less have become a must for the operators of complex and piping systems. The guides are delivered to our customers with “as built” drawings in Autocad format. Valve guides can also be delivered in paper format at request.

Shipping industry:

We have over the years delivered pipeline identification materials to hundreds (if not thousands) of ships under flags of numerous nationalities, in conformity with ISO, National or Company standards.
Over the later years, the shipbuilding industry in the Far East has become one of our major customers.
The FLO-CODE system has also become a “standard” for the Norwegian, Danish, French, Singaporean and Australian navies.


Oil- and gas industry:

From our first major order for identification of pipelines off-shore in 1976 (Ekofisk), we have become increasingly involved in this industry, which today represents a large share of our Company’s activities.
We dare claim that we have been successful, as we have identified the valves and pipelines of the majority of production platforms on the Norwegian continental shelf, plus numerous platforms in the other sectors of the North Sea, off-shore Australia, Canada and the Far East.
In addition, we have identified valves, pipelines and equipment of most of the on-shore gas- and oil-treatment plants in Norway.

Engineering services:

In addition to being a supplier and contractor of pipeline identification systems, we offer our customers engineering and supervision services within our field .We have served as members of standardization committees for the revision of the NS813 and implementation of the ISO 14726.

Quality Assurance/HES:

Our QA-system meets the requirements of the ISO9001, and our manual is made available to our customers upon request. We have implemented HES system as per the latest Norwegian Government rules. We are prequalified through the Achilles Joint Qualification System for suppliers to the oil- and gas industry in Norway and Denmark (certificate no. 26430) and for the building industry in Norway through the “Startbank” System (ID no. 141602).

Additional Information:

Our offices, warehouse and production facilities are situated in at Nesbru at the outskirts of Oslo. We are ideally situated for easy transportation and travelling.